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We are very pleased to announce an exciting new product just arrived: TONGKAT ALI.
One of the most potent aphrodisiacs, (apart from Yohimbe which is restricted in Australia), TONGKAT ALI is an all-natural and very potent male sexual tonic.
I personally tried it as I do with all of our new products – (someone’s got to do it!) and as a man in his 70s I no longer wake up with what teenage boys do. But on taking three squirts of this on a daily basis I feel like I am a teenager again! I’m sorry if this is too much information but I think it’s important to be transparent in the interests of sexual health and vitality.
Three squirts from the dropper is enough and should be used for 3 days prior to sexual activity.
Of course, it could be used everyday but for economical reasons, what I’ve stated above would be my recommendation.
In a recent Happy Herb Co survey online, we asked people what their favourite Herb for energy is and at least one person answered TONGKAT ALI!
TONGKAT ALI is also useful for women for it seems that it can help fight weight gain, boost energy, provide natural libido support, promote skeletal health, encourage normal blood sugar levels, and support the mood.
However, because of its testosterone, it is recommended that women take only one squirt per day.
In the interest of even more enjoyable love-making, I’ve included a few scientific articles that outline the benefits of this wonderful herb.

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