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Nutmeg, Myristica hagans, is an evergreen tree commonly cultivated for its seeds. You probably have seen it sold as a spice, essential oil, or maybe even a butter.


Nutmeg has been noted for a wide array of health benefits including relief from indigestion, insomnia and muscular pain. It is also beneficial for oral health, kidney health and is a powerful antioxidant. It is also an amazing mood-booster, one of my personal favourites!

Unfortunately long-term use of nutmeg in does of 120mg or more daily has been linked to some adverse side effects such as hallucinations, nausea, irregular heartbeat, and agitation. It is also important to note that Nutmeg has also been linked to death when used in high doses over the long term.

So, how can you SAFELY experience the positive benefits of this plant?

The only safe (and legal) way to use Nutmeg, apart from as a kitchen spice, is not to ingest it at all.

Instead, Nutmeg oil rubbed on the backs of the upper legs is a fun way of feeling naturally ecstatic and relax your muscles. However, it only works when you are hot and sweaty…for example, when you are dancing hard or when you are working your muscles strenuously in a workout.

As you start to sweat, you’ll feel it working – a warm, loving feeling of a true herbal ecstasy and deep relaxation in your muscles. You can also feel quite horny on this oil, especially in a hot massage!

The best part of this natural high? No come down, no hangover. And you can end it whenever you like. Since it only works while you are hot, as soon as you stop moving around the nutmeg stops entering your pores and you can go home to sleep or whatever.

Oh naughty, yummy, Nutmeg oil. Thank goodness that bakers use Nutmeg and old ladies still dust their pies with Nutmeg. Why? Well, the government would’ve banned it otherwise; Nutmeg is a precursor to MDMA, the same as Sassafras oil, which they did ban unfortunately, because it was ideal for head lice control.


Apart from being a pleasurable herb, Nutmeg oil is just so good for muscular pain.

Women with painful periods can rub it on their abdomen; it relaxes any painful areas.

I myself use it for ligament pain; I’ve got torn ligaments from when I was a school kid playing football in Melbourne. I find that my knees are actually stronger now because I dance with just a little bit of Nutmeg oil on my knees (remember more is not necessarily better with this plant!). The oil enables you to have more movement in an area where you normally are stiff.


Using Nutmeg externally doesn’t have any real effect until your body gets HOT by either running, dancing, walking, etc. When your body temperature increases, your skin pores open up to breathe and small molecules of the natural precursor go into your body, flushing you with a very natural, ecstatic feeling. In addition to being fun on the dancefloor, nutmeg oil is great for the gymnasium and heavy exercise — for relaxing the muscles and avoiding DOMS-delayed onset muscle soreness.

It really loosens up sore, stiff muscles and ligaments…making it lovely for a hot massage, too!


Nutmeg oil is both a safe, legal, natural and inexpensive party ‘high.’ It works only on the thigh and hamstring muscles before dancing. As you’re dancing up a storm, your pores open up and soak in the nutmeg. Then everybody on the dancefloor looks particularly attractive and you are just enjoying your movement and yourself!

I once went into a Coffs Harbour nightclub on my own, and despite being twice the age of everyone there, danced my head off for hours and had a ball! My secret? A good rub of Nutmeg oil on my legs! Roll it onto the thigh and hamstring muscles, then as you dance and warm up, your pores open and soak in the oil. Everybody on the dancefloor begins to look particularly attractive, and you’re enjoying an all-natural buzz. On top of that, because it’s activated through heat, you can turn its energising quality off by cooling down, which causes your pores to close and stops the active ingredient from being absorbed.

It’s a great massage oil for those dancing legs and a great massage oil for lovers- just get hot!


It is also reported that Nutmeg becomes an aphrodisiac when five grams (no more) is mashed together with avocado and chilled for 24 hours. It seems that the bromocriptine in the avocado (a natural chemcial that increases sex drive in the male) may react with the Nutmeg and act as a sexual stimulant. This is a pleasant tasting mix, and may be pleasurable for you as well!

Yes…nutmeg is my little secret and totally legal, thank goodness! It’s certainly a very useful oil to keep handy in your medicine bag (if you have a medicine bag, of course). I have one and Nutmeg is one of the staples that I carry around including Liquid Bandage (also known as Croton or Dragon’s Blood), and Propolis.

Try out nutmeg oil next time you experience cramps, painful feet or legs and let the plant work its magic.



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