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Partying on Herbal Elixirs
By Cindy, Co-Founder of Magic Mixes Elixir Bar


Take a moment to imagine this: You’re feeling pretty damn glam in your finest ‘Mad Monday’ outfit, your holographic clad bangin’ body basking in the amazing sunset, the crisp stereo pumping through that luscious unique techno beat that resonates so harmoniously with the sexy smell of sweat and sweet surroundings of the native bushland. As your feet stomp deep down into the raw dusty Earth, the vibrations trickle through your muscles and flow gracefully to the pulsating heart, filling it with such orgasmic warmth that you want to explode with joy.

You turn to your crew and you send that wave of love through to them. You witness the chain reaction as the energy flows through the air into their hearts and everyone around them.  You all turn into giggling gerties as you pull silly faces and innocently compete against each other for the owner of the most outrageous dance move!

You all fall to the ground with laughter and nestle into each other’s wild birdcage hair for a melting moment of rest and romance.

Life feels amazing in that moment. You’ve got it all. You’ve discovered pure bliss! As the warm sparkly sun glistens upon your glitter bombed Rainbow face and bounces off your golden geometry jewellery you contemplate how you could live like this forever and how you could recreate this in everyday life

So I did. And so can you…


The Herbal Elixir Bandwagon

This above describes the euphoric feeling I had when I stumbled across the alternative way to party – taking Herbal Elixirs. It has been the weirdest, gob-smackingly surprising, tear-jerking hilariously invigorating and passionate spiritual journey of my entire life! BOOM.

Through this life changing experience with my amazing best friend Saffron who introduced me to herbs, we are on our life purpose together! We own and run Magic Mixes which is a roving Herbal Elixir bar that travels around Australia providing the fun, safe alternative to drugs/alcohol at festivals, parties and markets. We also collaborate with The Happy Herb Company who are our role models and have been doing it for decades already! Our vision is to empower, educate and heal people through the power of ancient herbal medicine

Life is now full of magical synchronicities, powerful connections, lots of love and a supportive group of beautiful people around me! Everything I ever dreamt of…

Herbal Elixirs have allowed me to gracefully let go of attachments, addictions, fears, judgments, negative thought patterns and I have learnt through taking them to tune in to how I actually feel! When I party now I don’t feel awkwardness or anxiety, I don’t feel like downing a whole bottle of wine before getting there, or the temptation of taking drugs and getting high to have fun or connect with people!

How amazing is it! This idea that you are able to work with these subtle yet incredibly powerful natural plants from way back Ancient times, working their way through your body and allowing you to express yourself in all of your authenticity, vitality and fierceness.

I encourage you to jump on the bandwagon and try it out!

A photo of Magic Mixes Elixir bar at the festival ‘Earth Frequency’ February 2017


Herbal Elixirs Make You Feel Alive

Herbal Elixirs are all about how you want to feel and what you want to heal!

Taken therapeutically or recreationally, Herbal Elixirs are the way of the future.

Whether you’re suffering from anxiety/stress, a cold or flu, low energy, hormonal imbalance, muscle pain, low libido, mood swings, skin flare ups or general health problems, there is an elixir for everything!

For recreational use, there are amazing Herbal Elixirs that you can use to facilitate the way you want to feel! I believe in good, long-lasting natural energy as opposed to a ‘spike and crash’ with no nasty comedowns, hangovers or crashes! Let’s feel good!


My Top 5 Herbal Elixirs to Party On

  1. Fully Charged (Cacao, Siberian ginseng, hazelnut, vanilla)

Great for: Dancing, pre-workouts, social interactions, long-lasting energy & stamina, creativity

  1. Love Bubble (Piper Methysticum, Cinnamon, Passionflower, Avena Sativa)

Great for: Immediate relief of Anxiety/Stress, muscle relaxant, relieving insomnia, aphrodisiac 

  1. Aphroditea (Damiana, Ashwaganda, Muira Puama, Licorice, Siberian ginseng, Maca, Tribulus, Gingko Biloba, Horny goat weed, Mucuna, vanilla)

Great for: Feeling sexy (powerful aphrodisiac!), stimulated but balanced, relaxed and sensual, uplifting 

  1. Summertime (Yerbamaté, Damiana, Guarana, Mucuna )

Clean and calm release of stimulants; Increases memory, focus and alertness; non-addictive

  1. Jungle Juice (Guayusa)

Powerful Antioxidant, weight loss, aids in digestion, immune-system booster, awakening

Go to http://www.happyherbcompany.com online store for any of the above!


Happy, Healthy, High on Life!

This banging blog series will be about how to transition into Herbal Elixirs and how they will change your life in a really positive way. I will offer tips on how to work through addictions, temptations and fears based around transforming into the new you! I will also give you Herbal Elixir recipes so you can make them at home or for festivals and parties

Note to self:  YOURE NOT ALONE. There are thousands of beautiful creatures out there that have gone through the same experience and continue to struggle through the process of realising their own unlimited energy. When you want to change it can be really confronting and confusing how to manage it all. We are here to facilitate the change and provide support for anyone wanting to transition into the natural way to get high on life!

My best mate Doodle once gave me the best advice – Be kind to yourself.

If you slip up don’t beat yourself up about it. Embrace it and keep working towards growing. Don’t give up because you made a mistake, keep powering through and believe in yourself because you have unlimited power and energy

Sending positive vibes.

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