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As the rest of the world attempts to manage the threat of COVID19, in Australia we are in the privileged position of having some warning, and a bit more time to prepare. One blessing in all this, is that it invites us to take stock of our health, and health practices, and bring more awareness to the stress we put ourselves under. When we look at the stats, younger folk are recovering with a lot more success, with older people and people suffering from lowered immune systems, diabetes and heart disease at higher risk. So, why not take this opportunity to get on top of things, including your optimum state of wellness. 

So, what can we do NOW to cope if the virus hits home? Here’s a breakdown of our Prime Your Wellness program:

Day 1 – Addiction Support
Whether it’s coffee, smoking, alcohol or something stronger, now is the time to treat your body to a break.

Day 2 – Detox
Spring clean and remind your body how great it can feel when it’s not working overtime to keep up with the overload.

Day 3 – Build wellness and vitality 
Your body deserves the best, give it the boost it needs!

Day 4 – Anti-virals
Learn how nature’s gifts can be your best defense.  

Day 5 – Super Immune
Now you’re in an optimum state, you can boost your immunity to super status!. 

Day 6 – Stress Less 
Breathe, meditate, stretch, sleep, hydrate…simple lifestyle tips to boost your body and mind to its optimal wellness. 

Day 7 – A Herbalist’s Perspective
Our resident herbalist Stephanie Hazel chimes in on a holistic approach to boosting immunity and managing stress.

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