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Happy Herb Shop, Ocean Shores

Ocean Village Shopping Centre
10/82 Rajah Road
Ocean Shores, NSW 2483

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0468 853 774
[email protected]

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday 9:00am – 3:00pm
Please check Google or Facebook for up-to-date trading hours and public holidays.



About Happy Herb Shop, Ocean Shores

Our extensive range of natural and effective plant medicines is available as loose herbs, tinctures, spagyrics and oils, and support optimal health, vitality and wellbeing, energy, relaxation, balance and stress relief, romance, libido and fertility, dreaming, magic, ritual and ceremonial use, and of course Happy Herb’s famous range of smoking alternatives.

We offer a wide range of products with expert knowledge, advice and ever friendly service!

In-Store Features

• Herbs for health, vitality and wellbeing, including Happy Herb’s own huge range of spagyrics
• Herbs for energy
• Herbs for relaxation, balance, and stress relief.
• Herbs for romance, libido and fertility
• Herbs for dreaming, magic, ritual and ceremonial use
• Happy Herb’s famous range of smoking blends, including mixes for helping to quit smoking too!
• Papers, blunts, shishas, and molasses
• Fantastic array of party products for safe, legal fun
• A great range of super foods and natural supplements
• A comprehensive range of excellent natural first aid, many well-being supplements, and quality alternative and complimentary medicines.
• A very wide range of quality Indian, Mayan, Japanese and Tibet incense, incense holders and accessories
• A large selection of local and imported smudge products including sage, mugwort and other combinations, palo santo, resins, powders, charcoals and censers.
• A range of fire twirling gear, including staffs, poi, LED staffs and LED poi, practice poi, slack lines, hoops, devil sticks and firelight fuel.
• Musical instruments – drums, drone flutes, shakers, kalimbas and more
• Beautiful natural soaps, moisturisers, body cleansers, scrubs, hair and body care, body oils and perfume oils.
• An exciting and eclectic collection of books ranging through religions, ancient cultures, entheogens and psychedelics, psychology, human behaviour, history, consciousness, women’s wisdom and shamanic exploration.
• An equally lovely collection of oracle and tarot cards and journals
• Gifts and items such as iron or glass teapots and cups, journals, candles, salt lamps, dreamcatchers, statues, bells, singing bowls, prayer flags, henna and more
• High quality essential oils, perfumes, and massage oils…AND SO MUCH MORE

Meet The Team

Ania Dlugolecka


If you were on a desert island and could only have one herbal product to sustain you, what would it be?!
Dandelion you can eat it, drink it and make soap from it.

What’s the one piece of herbal wisdom you want everyone to know?
If there is any imbalance in your body, mother nature has a solution for it.

What’s your favourite Happy Herb for everyday vitality?
Cocoa Kola Suma

What are your top 3 Happy Herb Co products? 
Ashwagandha, Mulungu, Blue Lily

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