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“A business is a reflection of your own values, and we value the interconnected nature of all life. None of us are separate. Our beliefs, actions and behaviour affect the world, and all those who we share it with. That is why we commit to giving back, to acting responsibly and with integrity in our work and our lives.”

– Ray Thorpe, Happy Herb Co Founder

Happy Herb Co was founded to promote awareness and education about herbs. Due to our success, we’ve been able to expand upon that mission to become a social enterprise. This is a business that understands our position as custodians of our planet and communities, and seeks to give back as much as it gets.

More than 10% of the company’s profit is set aside for community projects and good causes, including Humanitarian, Conservation, Plant Freedom, and Animal Welfare, organisations, as well as artists and creative projects.

20 years of donating time & funding for a better world has resulted in:

  • $150,000 donated to One Health Organization, funding works such as roofing in India, a water tank for an Indigenous pre-school, healthcare booklets in Myanmar & a school and toilets in Nepal.
  • $530,000 contributions made in total!
  • 50+ projects directly supported.

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