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3 Party Season Product Essentials

Cruise through this year’s holiday party season with our top picks. Great herbs for anxiety relief, chilling out,n and naturally surviving the holiday season.

1. What Hangover?

These herbal capsules are a great party trick to keep on hand. Containing extracts of Milk Thistle and Dandelion roots, these capsules are used for the prevention and treatment of hangovers. Choose from a handy 2 pack or a value 14 pack! Take two capsules before partying or at bedtime.

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2. VIBES Capsules

Boost your good vibes with these 100% herbal capsules. VIBES are filled with Guarana for alert, focused energy and Mucuna for an uplifted & balanced mood. Clean, sustainable energy without the crash due to the adaptogenic qualities of Siberian ginseng. Great for physical labour, studying, and of course partying!!

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3. ParTea

A great blend of herbs to get you in the mood to DANCE. This liquid extract is energising and balanced with cooling herbs to help reduce the irritating and aggravating affects of caffeine.

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