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Spagyrics are a sacred alchemical art form for creating potent natural remedies.

Paracelsus perfected this method around 500 years ago, and it’s still highly regarded in Europe today.

Spagyrics are simply the most sophisticated and elegant method for creating pure, organic herbal remedies.

An evolutionary synthesis of nature and science, spagyrics are alchemically crafted to contain all of the essential medicinal elements of the plant, in perfect balance and harmony just as nature intended.

A spagyric contains the herbal tincture, the essential oils and the mineral salts of the plant. These elements are extracted, purified and re-combined to form nature’s most complete herbal extract.

The perfect balance of essential elements and high purity and potency of spagyrics means microdoses. Requiring only a few drops a day, spagyrics are fast-acting and highly effective.

Ancient art and modern science combine to create a complete herbal remedy that will redefine the future of natural medicines.

Holistic & gentle


No chemicals

No synthetics

Easy to use

Made in Australia

What’s a spagyric?

A spagyric is a concentrated liquid herbal product that contains the essential oils, tincture and mineral salts of a plant, as well as the vital essence.

Why choose spagyrics over other herbal preparations?

There are many ways to prepare a herb or plant to receive its medicinal benefits, however spagyrics are unique in the way they make the whole plant available – the ‘tria prima’ (sulfur [essential oil/soul], mercury [alcohol/spirit], and salt [minerals salts/body]) are preserved in perfect balance in the final product. Advanced laboratory processes are utilised to preserve delicate phytochemicals and enzymes. Energetic signatures and balanced ratios of essential elements are present, resulting in a gentle and natural product containing both the physical structure of the plant and its enhanced energetic healing properties.

Are they natural?

Our Spagyrics are made using organic wildcrafted herbs, with no isolated chemicals or additives of any kind.

Where are they made?

All products are made in Australia by a qualified alchemist. The finest quality of organic herbs are sourced from growers both locally and internationally to ensure the highest efficacy of the final product.

What’s the dosage?

The great thing about spagyrics is the micro dosages: they are a fraction of common herbal tinctures.


5 drops    


(age)    (dosage)

0-3     1 drop

3-5     2 drops

5-8     3 drops

8-12   4 drops

Can be taken up to 3 times a day. Some formulas indicate up to 10 drops once per day.

How long will it last?

Spagyrics are great value, one bottle will last about a month at the minimum dose of 5 drops per day. There are approximately 150 drops per bottle. Once opened, store in a cool place away from direct sunlight with the lid tight.

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