In order to be operating at your optimal state of health, it is essential to let go of what no longer serves you — a detox of your body, mind and spirit. There are some wonderful plant allies that can aid your body with the detoxification process.


Burdock root is one of the foremost detoxifying herbs in both TCM and Western herbal medicine. Burdock enhances the performance of many of the organs which purify the body and eliminate toxins or waste (like the kidneys, liver, and colon). This enhances overall health and helps correct disorders.


A blue-green algae that grows wild in alkaline volcanic lakes, spirulina powder is a remarkable source of highly bioavailable protein and essential amino acids, and is also the richest plant source of vitamin B12, so it is a great superfood to add to your diet for overall vitality. And is a good thing to stock up on, as a little bit goes a long way nutrient-wise! Modern studies have shown this powerful immune tonic* (*NOTE: be careful to use immune tonics only as preventative, they should not be used when actually ill with symptoms)  to possess anti-cancer effects and antiviral properties, as well as work as a powerful detoxifier. Spirulina helps to bind heavy metals, which the body can then excrete. The plant also increases the presence of beneficial bacteria.

Milk Thistle

One of the most effective liver herbs, milk thistle has a long history of use in the West as a remedy for depression and liver problems. Research has confirmed the plant’s remarkable ability to assist the liver in repair, and also to protect the body from the detrimental effects of alcohol, drugs, toxic foods, and heavy metals. Sillymarin, an extract from the seed, acts on the membranes of the liver cells preventing the entry of virus toxins and other toxic compounds, thus preventing damage to the cells. It also dramatically improves liver regeneration in hepatitis, cirrhosis, mushroom poisoning and other diseases of the liver. This is a great herb to ingest before and after consuming alcohol, as well as when in the process of actively eliminating toxins from your body.

Other Herbs

In addition to these top three detoxing herbs, there are a few others we’d like to draw attention to as they are gentle yet effective. Red Clover is considered an alterative, helping gradually restore proper bodily functions. Sometimes referred to as a blood cleanser, it assists in detoxification. Dandelion root is also one of the most potent liver tonic herbs, making it helpful for inflammation and congestion of the liver. It assists with liver stress from lifestyle factors such as alcohol, coffee and drug use, making it an ideal ingredient in a detoxification remedy. This herb is an effective diuretic that stimulates liver function, aiding the liver in removing toxins from the blood. A daily cup of dandelion tea can be a great addition to cutting back on alcohol or caffeine, speeding up the process of clearing out your system and closer to optimal function. Paw paw leaf tea can be taken to detoxify the intestines and expel parasites, as the tannins in the leaves help to protect the intestine from re-infestation. This can be a great herb to be used when treating candida.

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