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We’ve put together these gift packs with our favourite products to make gift giving easy for you!

For every gift pack purchased, we will donate a meal to a community member in need! Learn more about the Heart2Heart foundation here.

Precious Woman

The female body is complex, divine, and sacred. We have consciously selected products in this pack to connect with the cyclical nature of the sacred woman. In this gift set, you will find a balanced and nurturing selection for holistic women’s health – moon cycle support, balanced hormones, breast health, nurturing yin energy, and naturally radiant skin & hair. As well as some ceremonial plant spirits for embodied living and awakening the divine feminine within all of us.

Click for products details: Moontime, Rose Buds, Female Balance Spagyric, Beauty Blend, Self Love, Mermaid Breast Oil



Masculinity is a complex, in-depth and important phenomena. We have developed this pack to account for all of the important components of a well rounded Man – energy & strength, mental clarity, balanced testosterone levels, prostate health, a calm mind, education and overall health and well-being. The key components of a well-balanced, robust and healthy Man!

Click for products details: Maca 100gTongkat TigerBrainstorm Tea, Strength and Endurance SpagyricSaw Palmetto Spagyric, Great Spirit Chaga, SereniTea, Rock Hard Pop, Happy High Herbs Book 9th ed., Cockatoo Sticker


The Sleep Medicine Cabinet

A restful and deep sleep is the bed-rock of good health. It is unfortunate that so many people struggle to attain the sleep they need. We have developed this pack to help you discover the best herbs to support sleep and to even identify what the causes of poor sleep may be as they are often connected.

We do not recommend using all of these herbs at once but rather explore and discover individually which product or combo of products works best to support and maintain healthy sleep patterns. Please look under the Specifications tab to learn more about how each product can support a healthy nights rest.

Click for products details: Sleepy Time Tea, Mulungu SpagyricSkullcap SpagyricValerian SpagyricPassionflower SpagyricCalifornia Poppy SpagyricTea Strainer



Bring your joy and passion to its full expression with this lustful mix of intimate herbs. Enjoy a bed covered in rose petals while you are massaged and caressed deeply by your lover while tasting and enjoying the arousing qualities of Damiana and Aphroditea. Or enjoy a gift to yourself so you can unwind in a bath of rose petals, set your intention with Tantric Rose and dip down into your world of sensuality. This pack can fulfill everybody’s needs xx

Click for products details: Damiana 30g, Rose petalsTantric Rose, AphroditeaWildfire black 50mlSexy snifter



This pack is the gift that keeps on giving to friends experiencing stress and even yourself! Life can sometimes be busy. Modern life makes increasingly stressful demands on us all and it is easy to start to feel burnt out and exhausted. The result is often feelings of stress and anxiety which can make it hard to unwind and maintain good health. We have developed this pack with a wonderful selection of herbs that will help take the edge off so you can chill out and focus on what is important – well-being and Joy!

Click for products details: Damiana 30g, Kava Powder, Blue Lily Bliss, Skullcap Spagyric, Rescue+, Happy Snifter, Pureheart Grounding Essence, Bliss Party Pop x 1, Single Palo Santo Stick



A gift more valuable than gold this time of year! Christmas parties and over-indulgence can take their toll, so why not buy your loved one a gift to help them bounce back.

Included: What Hangover, Propolis Spray, Detox Luxury Tea, Love Bubble, Mucuna




Smoothie Boosters

Boost your smoothies with even more health and energy with this wonderful mix of our adaptogenic powders. Add some Siberian Ginseng for sustained and consistent energy, or some Mucuna to lift your mood and libido, while Maca is a well known South American superfood that will enhance your day with long lasting energy.

Click for products details: Siberian Ginseng, Mucuna, Maca, Rhodiola, Happy High Herbs 9th ed.



Tobacco Alternatives

Encourage your loved ones to quit tobacco and make healthier choices.  We offer a wide range of alternatives and this pack is a great starting point for the transition away from addictive tobacco.

Click for products details: No Nic 30g, Day Dream, Peace Pipe, Happy High Herbs Book 9th ed.


Premium Tobacco Alternatives

Unwind and relax with this premium selection of our finest rolling blends. We offer a wide range of tobacco and cannabis alternatives and this pack is an excellent place to start.

Click for products details: Terpene Herb Pouch – Gorilla Glue, Shamanic Bliss, Mystic Mix, Happy High Herbs Book 9th ed.



Herbs have traditionally been used for millennia to alter consciousness, open us to new realms and invoke dreams. We have created this wonderful pack of herbs to kick off your psychonaut exploration. There are herbs to take orally during ceremonies, smoking herbs to induce astral dreaming and teas to help you sit back and head to the stars.  While we continue to work to advocate for psychedelic freedoms, enjoy this totally legal mix of traditional herbs to give you a taste of what is to come!

Click for products details: Mugwort (smoking blend), Astral Tea, Mystic Mix, Astral Aya, Guayusa, New Science of Psychedelics, 1 x Palo Santo Stick.


Mushroom Collection

Mushrooms are the bedrock of nature and our existence. Various traditions from around the world throughout history have used a wide range of medicinal mushrooms to improve health and well-being and to support inner and outer balance. We have pulled together our favourite and most requested selection of medicinal mushrooms for you to try in spagyric form which makes them easy to take throughout the day and add to coffee or any other food or drink of your choice. Click here to learn more about medicinal mushrooms.

Click for products details: Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Shiitake, Maitake, Turkey Tail.





Family Herbal First Aid

A selection of herbs and remedies for the whole family! Tend to the little ones cuts and bruises with Dragon’s Blood, boost the families immunity with Propolis Spray and Immunity Shield, calm and elevate the kids mood with some lovely Lemon Balm tea and when the parents are feeling stressed they can unwind with some Rescue+ and a loving massage together. We have the whole family covered.

Click for products details: Dragon’s Blood, Propolis Spray, Immunity Shield, Lemon Balm, Eucalyptus Lemon Scented Gum Essential Oil, Rescue+, Widlfire Black 50ml, bonus Chemical Maze book



Life can get hectic and so we have developed this pack to give you the energy to push through and keep enjoying the ride! While coffee can provide great hits of caffeine there are other herbs in the plant world that deliver caffeine and energy to your body in less jittery ways. Guarana is highly underrated which is unfortunate as it provides one of the strongest forms of caffeine, is less jittery than coffee, and is amazingly long lasting. Everything in this pack provides and amazing energetic alternative to coffee whether you want to use it to improve work performance, workouts or enjoy your nights with friends and lovers.

Click for products details: Guarana Powder, Kola Nut Powder, Energy Boost Spagyric, Ceremonial Cacao 200g, Summertime, 2 x Guarana Party Pop



This auspicious tool kit has a sophisticated range of herbal spiritual gems. Perfect for someone wanting to commence rituals and ceremonies for the first time and just as useful for the seasoned spiritual practitioner. This is more than just a gift pack, it is a blessing from the universe!

Click for products details: Blue Lily Whole Flowers 15g, Frankincense Spagyric, Medicina de flores, Small White Sage with Lavender, Sinicuichi (Sun Opener), Ceremonial Cacao 200g, Happy High Herbs Book 9th Ed., Single Palo Santo Stick.



Tea Lovers

A pack for the connoisseurs of fine herbs and teas. You will find a blend for every occasion and a wonderful way to introduce friends, family and loved ones to the dynamic world of herbs!

Click for products details: Out of Blue, VibrancyStress LessBrain Storm, Tea Strainer



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