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Discover the wonderful world of herbs

We’re dedicated to supporting plant-based health and happiness. Explore our comprehensive resources and discover the wonderful world of herbs!

Herbs A to Z


Our favorite herb! Boosts mood and lowers stress.


An excellent herb that combats nicotine cravings and withdrawal.

Gotu Kola

Aid intelligence & memory, combats stress & depression.

Blue Lily

An intoxicating way to relax and mellow out.

Gumbi Gumbi

Eczema, skin problems, fungal and microbial infections, and to stimulate breast milk.


An all round gem that strengthens and rejuvenates.

Empowering you with herbal knowledge and know-how

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Happy Herb Co is dedicated to supporting health and happiness through the healing power of herbs. We believe that with knowledge and access to herbal products, people can change their lives, their communities, and the world for the better.

As an authority on herbalism and a leading global advocate of herbal alternatives to pharmaceuticals, drugs, and alcohol, we are a positive force for change in the world.

25 Years of donating time & funding, for a better world


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