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Often when you search for ‘herbs for men’, you only find herbs for virility, libido and stamina.  However, as we all know, men are so much more than just their sex drives! 

To support a man’s wellbeing comprehensively and holistically, we need to consider a variety of factors including stress, sleep, immunity, digestion, heart health, as well as prostate and erectile health.

Unfortunately, men are statistically less likely to seek health advice and assistance than women.  Culturally, we also often (unfairly) expect men to be strong and not complain, to the detriment of their health and wellbeing. On top of that, with so many illnesses being linked to stress, studies show men are particularly at risk. 

Here are some staggering (and scary) statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

3 in 4 Australian men are overweight or obese

1 in 6 Australian men smoke daily 

1 in 2 Australian men exceed the single occasion risk guideline for alcohol (more than 4 drinks on one occasion)

1 in 4 Australian men exceed the lifetime risk guideline for alcohol (more than 2 drinks per day on average)

These statistics tell us that not only do men need extra support in seeking out help for their wellbeing, but they also need extra support for quitting tobacco and reducing alcohol consumption, cardiovascular support, stress support, detox & digestion support, and the list goes on. 


On a more positive note, adding herbs to your diet is an easy way to support your wellbeing. You don’t have to wait for a health crisis to start taking care of yourself! By empowering yourself to learn more about the needs of your body, anyone can benefit from the everyday wisdom of herbs. 

Here are just a few of Our Favourite Herbs for Men’s Wellbeing.

Damiana This herb is an excellent choice for men to reduce stress, improve mood and as an aphrodisiac. It is a great herb to assist in reducing alcohol consumption (get inspired by this Damiana Mojito recipe), and can be smoked as an alternative to tobacco or cannabis.

Ginseng – Arguably the most famous adaptogen, it supports the body’s natural ability to deal with stress, boosts immunity and increases energy, stamina and focus without the adrenal-taxing effects of caffeine. Ginseng is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that lowers blood sugar and also can assist erectile dysfunction.

Cordyceps – This medicinal mushroom is considered a life-enhancing herb in the Taoist herbal tradition. Cordyceps is used to increase blood oxygenation and cultivate ‘jing’ the primordial energy living in the kidneys. With increased jing, we experience improved core energy, cellular performance, endurance and reduced recovery time.

Ashwagandha – Although sometimes thought of as a women’s herb, Ashwagandha is great for men as a non-stimulating adaptogen. It has been found to reduce anxiety and stress, help fight depression, improve sleep patterns, boost fertility and testosterone in men, and even boost brain function.

Ginkgo Biloba – Considered a premier anti-ageing herb, Ginkgo improves circulation, thereby benefiting brain function, memory as well as erectile dysfunction. It is also one of the top herbs for cardiovascular health, preventing blood clots and strokes.

Hawthorn Berry – Many herbalists consider Hawthorn to be one of the best heart tonics on the planet. What’s more it’s helpful for all sorts of heart conditions including arrhythmia and enlarged heart. 

Tribulus – Tribulus is renowned for boosting testosterone production and increasing libido. It can assist in erectile dysfunction, as well as increasing sperm count. Immensely popular with athletes as it increases performance, endurance and stamina. Tribulus is beneficial in balancing the endocrine system due to its powerful detoxifying and stimulating effect upon the liver.

Saw PalmettoKnown as ‘nature’s catheter’, it is one of the premier men’s herbs, due to its tonifying effect on the male body and reproductive system, particularly with ailments of the prostate, which can lead to incontinence, impotence and cancer. This herb also has potent anti-inflammatory and cholesterol lowering effects.

Dandelion Root – Dandelion root is one of the most effective liver tonic herbs known, making it helpful for inflammation and congestion of the liver. It assists with liver stress from lifestyle factors such as alcohol, coffee and drug use, making it an ideal hangover remedy. It also benefits digestion, and is a diuretic and mild laxative, helping to gently detox the body.

Milk ThistleProtects liver cells from damage, excellent to take before and after consuming rich greasy foods, drugs, alcohol, coffee and exposure to toxins – great for hangover prevention! It is easily sprinkled on your salad, or added to smoothies for daily liver support.

Turmeric – Super anti-inflammatory, great for pain, digestion & liver support. Curcumin in turmeric has also demonstrated significant results in treating depression, thanks to an ability to help boost serotonin and dopamine, two of the brain’s most important neurotransmitters. One German study found that consuming curcumin may be useful in preventing prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Aussie men. 

He Shou Wu – He Shou Wu is a favourite herb for restoring depleted vitality and bringing a superhuman level of fundamental energy back to the body for ultimate vigour. It is a super-adaptogen of the healing sex hormones that are crucial to every function of the body and the metabolism.

Mucuna – Also known as ‘Velvet Bean’, this herb is known to have potent libido and mood-enhancing properties due to its effect on dopamine levels in the brain. It has been used as a supplement to re-balance brain chemistry after indulging in alcohol and other drugs.


Some of our top herbal products to support Men’s Wellbeing include:

No Nic – Our tried and true smoking blend for assisting quitting tobacco.

RevivaTea – A liquid herbal extract for liver and mood support, great for before and after consuming alcohol or drugs, as well as for withdrawal support.

Superfeast Jing – Adrenal tonic blend, very popular for core energy and recovery! Jing herbs are a super-blend of the Taoist herbal tradition’s most revered Jing herbs. Unified to cultivate energy in the kidneys & adrenals, this potent blend supports healthy hormone function, stamina and libido.

Male Balance Spagyric – Spagyric formula to support bodily functions unique to males, including symptoms relating to changes in hormones.

MasculiniTea – A male tonic formula to ‘muscle up your mojo’! This liquid extract is packed with herbs traditionally used to support male vitality, libido, performance, stamina and balance.


Hopefully this article inspires you to learn more about your body’s unique needs, and get empowered to take care of your health today!  


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