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The Happy Herb range of tobacco alternatives is extensive, creative, enjoyable and effective. For almost 30 years we have been specialising in herbal blends and unique herbs from around the world, that can be used as an alternative, or enhancement, for tobacco or cannabis. Of course we can’t promise the effect will be the same, but we offer herbs that are enjoyable to smoke without the nasty chemicals and addictive substances, calm the mind and aid withdrawals, and some of them even detoxify the lungs. We are all about non-judgment and harm minimisation, so why not swap your tobacco and learn about our premium herbal smokes.

Cultures throughout the world have smoked herbs to connect with spirit, enhance dreams, relax, inebriate and even soothe the lungs! Discover our range of rare and renowned Mystic Herbs and Herbal Blends and explore a realm of herbal enhancement beyond simple teas and tinctures!

Mystic Herbs

Mystic Herbs are unique in the sense they are often used for sacred ceremonies, divination, sensory enhancement and spiritual journeying, making them somewhat more revered and respected than your typical herbs.
Our Mystic Herbs range is made up of smokable herbs, making them excellent as tobacco substitutes and even as alternatives to cannabis.

Blue Lily

The beautiful blue flowers of this much revered lily (a.k.a. Blue Lotus) were smoked and ingested by the ancient Egyptians, producing a subtle, calming and etheric effect. Blue Lily otherwise known as sacred lily of the Nile, is a delicious relaxing smoke. Cleopatra was particularly enamored with this herb and it was even represented in early Egyptian art. It creates a dream-like state and provides for a deep sleep afterwards. Use these dried Blue Lily flowers as a tea, tincture, or smoke.

Now available in whole leaf, milled leaf and 250g bags!

Learn more about Blue Lily


The leaves of this Mexican shrub were traditionally used for lucid dreaming. A combination of smoking and drinking an infusion of the herb before bed, setting intention and focusing on one’s heartbeat is said to create the conditions for dreamtime spiritual journeying. We have a new FRESH source of this divine dreaming herb, and we are very pleased with the quality!

Learn more about Calea


The name of this herb means ‘cough stopper’ and has been used for that very reason for millennia. Coltsfoot clears mucous from the lungs, soothes lung tissue and stops wheezing.

Coltsfoot contains small amounts of zinc; this has resulted in its restriction in Australia, therefore COLTSFOOT IS NOT SOLD FOR INTERNAL CONSUMPTION.

Legally, Coltsfoot cannot be taken as a tea (despite millennia of safe use) but it can be smoked, which surprisingly still works wonders. Preparation: Outside of Australia, Coltsfoot can be taken as a tea. In Australia, mix with tobacco to minimise negative effects of the tobacco, or smoke small amounts over the day for coughs.

Learn more about Coltsfoot

Bag of Coltsfoot herb

Greater Celandine

When smoked it is enjoyed for its light euphoric & sedating effect. It is often sold as Opi-8. Greater Celandine is often used internally for treating gallbladder problems. It stops spasms at the same time it stimulates the production of bile to flush gallstones away. It is used for digestive pains and jaundice. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Greater Celandine is used as a pain-relieving cough medication.

Learn more about Greater Celandine

Lion’s Tail

The Khoisan, a nomadic African tribe, cultivated Lion’s Tail (also known as Motherwort or Wild Dagga) and they regard it even today as a panacea for all kinds of illnesses including asthma, coughs, colds, diabetes, diarrhoea, fever, skin diseases, snake bite, menstruation and worms, as well as a liver tonic.

The Khoisan were also known to use the root as a brew for ceremonial occasions and would smoke the leaf, playing drums and dancing well into the night, assisted by the euphoric effects of their Wild Dagga tea. When smoked, Lion’s Tail gives a short-lasting extroverted exuberance and positive feeling. Lion’s Tail may help cannabis smokers reduce or quit, and is a valuable alternative to tobacco.

Our Lion’s Tail is grown locally in northern NSW. We are proud to support local herb growers. We aim to have Lion’s Tail available all year round but keep in mind its harvesting is seasonal and so sometimes stock is limited.

Learn more about Lion’s Tail


Lobelia is also known as ‘Indian Tobacco’ as many native North American tribes traditionally used it as a smoking herb, and alternative to tobacco (yet it is non-addictive). Lobelia contains Lobeline which is believed to have a chemical make up similar to nicotine. Studies have found lobeline to stimulate the release of dopamine.

Due to the toxicity of the active constituent Lobeline when taken internally, THIS HERB IS NOT SOLD FOR INTERNAL USE IN AUSTRALIA (only as a smoking herb or for topical use). In high doses, lobelia can induce vomiting (yet it is still used internally in other countries, as a low dose botanical).

Learn more about Lobelia

Bag of Lobelia herb


Well known as the little sister to the smoking plant of a similar name. This herb is great for chilling out and kicking back with friends. Marijuanilla has a mild euphoric and sedating effect. Mix it with your favourite smoking herbs or have it by itself. Either way it makes a smooth smoke!

This herb may be smoked as it is 100% natural and free from nicotine.

Learn more about Marijuanilla


Mugwort was considered the ‘universal herb for protection and prophecy’ throughout the ancient world, and was also known as ‘Sailor’s Tobacco’, as it was used as alternative at sea. It is renowned as a dreaming herb, to enhance and support dream recall. Mugwort is the perfect tobacco or cannabis replacement or can be sprinkled on your favourite herb as a beautiful burning aid. Not only will you enjoy the taste and aroma of this wonderful herb, be prepared for some lucid and vivid dreaming!

Learn more about Mugwort

Red Lily

Enjoy the dreamy and relaxing effects of these Red Lily (Nymphaea rubra) flowers. This aquatic perennial is closely related to both Blue and White Lily species, which have been revered in Egypt as well as Central America for millennia.  Although there is much less information regarding this particular species, anecdotal reports describe the relaxing, mood enhancing and dreamy effects as very similar. Lilies are used to reduce anxiety, improve mood and assist sleep. Can be used as a tea or tincture as well.

Learn more about Red Lily

bag of Red Lily


Also known as Sun Opener, the name Sinicuichi comes from the Aztecs and is still used by Mexican shamans as a trance divination catalyst. They regard it as a sacred herb, enabling vivid recall of past distant events. Some users even report the remembrance of pre-birth events! The most common traditional preparation method was as a fermented tea, but it is also used as a smoking herb.

Often causes a yellowing of the vision and altered acoustic perception. May induce feelings of calmness and unity. Slows heartbeat, relaxes muscles, reduces blood pressure.

Learn more about Sinicuichi

Bag of Sinicuichi

White Lily

This Central American species of white water lily is an aquatic perennial from the Mayan lowlands, and the elevated plateaus of Chiapas.  It may be easily confused with the European White Lily (Nymphaea alba) or the Egyptian White Lotus (Nymphaea lotus) – and has similar reported effects. As a smoking herb, these three lilies seem to be used interchangeably.

It is often depicted in Mesoamerican art – in images of Teotihuacan (the rain god), sprouting from the backs of crocodiles, entwined around the head of the ‘earth monster’ and adorning dancing jaguars. Many of these images seem to convey visionary scenes.

As a tea, liqueur or smoke, White Lily is said to have sedating, dreamy and even psychoactive effects.

Learn more about White Lily

Wild Lettuce

Wild Lettuce has been used for ceremonial and medicinal purposes as far back as ancient Egypt, where it was associated with the god Min. As a tea, Wild Lettuce is commonly used to help induce sleep, creating a calming feeling, as well as being a nervous system tonic. It was used in the 19th century by physicians when opiates could not be obtained. It was traditionally used by the native North Americans for lucid dreaming purposes. Some have found it a excellent in their efforts to overcome cannabis addiction. The dried leaves can be smoked alone or blended with other herbs.

Learn more about Wild Lettuce

Bag of Wild Lettuce.

Herbal Blends

We are passionate about sharing our joy of herbs and have taken great care formulating our premium range of Herbal Blends for your rolling pleasure. Some are blended for pure relaxation or dreaming, others are formulated with addiction interrupters to assist you in quitting Cannabis or Tobacco. With so many to choose from, we now also offer sample sizes of our blends so you can explore your preferences and desired result.

Astral Adventures

Dreamy & calming blend with herbs to enhance relaxation, lucid dreaming & inspire astral adventures. Great on it’s own or as a mix.

INGREDIENTS: Mugwort, Calea, Marshmallow, Blue Lily, Passionflower, and White Sage(May vary depending on availability) .

Astral Adventures


Spiced & flavoursome taste of India. Great for those who enjoy Indian Bidis or the Indonesian clove Kreteks; but without the harmful tobacco.

INGREDIENTS: Marshmallow, Mullein, Safflower, Clove, Cardamon, Curry Powder, and a mild dash of Damiana for a relaxing effect. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Boom Blend

California Dreaming

A chilled-out and dreamy blend featuring California Poppy to help drop you into the super-relaxed vibes & ride the waves of life.

INGREDIENTS: Damiana, Marshmallow, California Poppy, Marijuanilla, Red Lily, Blue Lily, Lion’s Tail and Spearmint. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

California Dreaming

Chilled Out

A satisfying herbal blend used for relaxation, very popular as an effective aid to reduce nicotine cravings in the process of quitting smoking.

INGREDIENTS: Damiana, Coltsfoot, Lobelia (acts on the same receptors in the brain as nicotine) and Blue Lily. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Chilled Out


A luscious blend to help you slip into your ultimate dream space! With herbs for relaxation, dream & mood enhancement.

INGREDIENTS: Lotus Stamen, Mullein, Damiana, Mugwort, Blue Cornflower, Blue Lily and Red Lily. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).


Hazy Daze

Some of our favourite smoking herbs unite in this satisfying, calming & uplifting smoke, popular as a tobacco and cannabis alternative.

INGREDIENTS: Blue Lily, Lobelia and Lion’s Tail. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Hoochie Coochie

A smooth & sensual blend of aphrodisiac and mood enhancing herbs for a light and fragrant smoke (also great as tea!).  

INGREDIENTS: Raspberry Leaf, Damiana, Red Lily and Rose Petals(Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Magic Mull Mix

Unlock the magic of this extraordinary blend where Damiana uplifts as a potent aphrodisiac, Catnip heightens the experience, Hops brings a soothing mellowness, Mugwort imparts a refreshing coolness, and Rosemary, both delicious and sharp, becomes the catalyst for focus.

INGREDIENTS: Damiana, Catnip, Rosemary, Hops and Mugwort. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Mystic Mix

This delectable and gentle mixer is excellent at inducing states of clear, conscious relaxation. Smooth and refreshing flavour.

INGREDIENTS: Nettle, Mugwort, Lotus Stamen, Blue Lily, Peppermint, Lobelia, Calendula and Red Lily. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).


Drift off into a deep and dreamy sleep with this delicious blend of sedating and soothing herbs.

INGREDIENTS: Passionflower, Skullcap, Chamomile, Wild Lettuce, Lavender, Hops, California Poppy. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

No Nic

A carefully crafted & tasty blend to support a reduction in tobacco use. With herbs to interrupt cravings, assist relaxation, and support the lungs.

INGREDIENTS: Passionflower, Damiana, Lobelia, Coltsfoot and Mugwort. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

No Pot

A carefully crafted blend to support a reduction in cannabis use. It includes addiction interrupter’s and herbs to help you relax and unwind.

INGREDIENTS: Damiana, Catnip, Lobelia, California Poppy, Coltsfoot, Hops and Mugwort(Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Peace Pipe

A blend to aid relaxation and sleeping when quitting cannabis – aimed to help you quit, rather than substitute. For quitting tobacco, try Chilled Out or No Nic.

INGREDIENTS: Passionflower, Marshmallow, California PoppyColtsfoot, Blue Lily, Skullcap and Lobelia,. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Pot Luck

Take a lucky dip, and see what you find at the end of the rainbow! A herbal blend that changes according to seasonal availability.

INGREDIENTS: It will be a surprise! (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Pussy Power

A cheeky blend featuring some of our favourite smoking herbs – including Catnip! A delightful blend on its own or sprinkled on your favourite herb as a beautiful burning aid.

INGREDIENTS: Catnip, Mullein, Mugwort, Cornflowers, Calendula Petals, Peppermint, Red Rose Petals, Pink Rose Petals and Red Lily. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Shamanic Bliss

A smooth & flavourful  blend of sacred herbs to bring you into a state of shamanic bliss & soothe the lungs.

INGREDIENTS: Marshmallow, Mullein and White Sage. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Super Chilled

A divine combination of relaxing & dreamy herbs to help you drop into a super chilled space. A wonderful cannabis substitute.

INGREDIENTS: Marshmallow, Wild Lettuce, Blue Lily, Lemon Balm, Skullcap and Combretum. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Tribal Trance

This dreamy herbal blend is crafted to attract those that enjoy a trance-like effect. Great to be used as a mix or burning aid.

INGREDIENTS: Damiana, Lion’s Tail, Mugwort, White Lily and Marijuanilla. (Herbs may vary depending on availability).

Want help quitting? Herbs can help.

Head over to our blog, where you’ll find heaps of information and inspiration on how herbs can help you quit tobacco or cannabis. Alternatively, pop into your local Happy Herb Shop and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members about what herbs or blends are best for you!

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